How OneLogin compliments Ximble

Easily add Ximble as another internal system your employees use through OneLogin, and simplify the login process for your staff members. Simply add Ximble as an app to your OneLogin’s dashboard, configure it once, and in the future, you can simply just click on Ximble and you’ll be taken to our system. No more hassle with remembering your login credentials, resetting passwords or anything similar. Login to Ximble by just clicking the link from your OneLogin’s dashboard and manage the schedule, clock in or out or perform any other actions that Ximble allows. Plain and simple as that.


We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is online software that simplifies daily tasks managers have by digitizing their employee schedule and facilitating the process of tracking employee paid time. Through our schedule builder, you can manage employee requests for vacations and time off as well as allow them to request shifts themselves through the schedule. The schedule provides a clear overview of employee availability, and with our rich reporting system, you will be able to assign the right employee for the given job role. Ximble’s time tracking module provides easy timesheet review and history of all clock-ins and clock-outs where you have the ability to approve the punch clock entries. You can run timesheet history on one employee or more in seconds. With our reliable time tracking module, you can run payroll instantaneously as all the employee paid time was earlier approved by the manager.


OneLogin supplies cloud based identity and access management (IAM) solutions to companies across the globe. They eliminate shadow IT, secure every device, enforce security policies and simplify compliance reporting. Their goal is to strengthen the security of your company, reduce costs for identity management and directory integration as well as free up your time by decreasing the amount of tickets. They reduce time spent on integration, provision and deprovision and consolidating and reporting. With OneLogin, employees don’t have to wait for IT for onboarding as they will be able to do it all themselves. They want to increase employee effectiveness by creating efficient ways of IAM. They provide services to over 2000 reputable companies in over 44 countries.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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