How MYOB compliments Ximble

Ximble can provide your business with top organizational support. With our wide variety of features and options, you can ensure a smooth work flow, possible increase in employee efficiency and a reduction in administrative costs. You can also make use of our intricate employee notification system that sends automated SMS and push notifications to your staff when you schedule their shifts or make relevant changes to the schedule. The MYOB integration to Ximble is done is seconds, and you can sync certain information between the two companies, such as time sheets from Ximble to MYOB and employee information from MYOB to Ximble. With Ximble and MYOB’s sophisticated software, you can run your business’s financial activities as well as employee scheduling and time tracking from one place.

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MYOB Integration

We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is cloud-based employee scheduling and time & attendance software. With our intuitive design and sophisticated software, you can personalize the schedule to fit your business requirements. You can also empower your employees by letting them request shifts in the open schedule and request vacations and time off through our system. Tracking paid time is also simplified with Ximble’s time clock module, which lets your employees clock in swiftly and from any location you set through geo-fencing. You have the option of photoClock, which takes a picture of the employee when he clocks in. You can also have employees type pin codes and QR codes. This method reduces the risk of buddy punching and time theft. With the time clock, payroll can be done instantaneously. Ximble strives to reduce the work load and stress managers have on a daily basis.


MYOB is a company that provides an online tax and accounting system as well as payment and POS solutions. They provide excellent business tools to aid big and small businesses take care of the financial part of their company.You can take advantage of MYOB add-ons, their website building tool and small business loans. With MYOB, you can better manage your finances as well as stay ATO compliant all while saving time. MYOB also has the option of managing your finances though your mobile phone. They are connected with over 40,000 partners, which makes them one of the largest networks of accountants, bookkeepers and consultants. MYOB provides excellent customer care and is always there to help your business strive to the next level.

More Seamless Integrations

We have used Ximble for some time. For a very reasonable price there is a lot of functionality and everything you need. The support is fantastic and on every time of day there is fast and useful support.

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