How Lightspeed compliments Ximble

Ximble’s easy to use and customizable software provides the best support managers need to run their business smoothly and efficiently. The employee scheduler is adjustable to the daily, weekly and monthly view based on your preference. You can also opt for the option of having your staff receive automated push notifications and SMS to notify them of shift timings and changes in the schedule. Through Ximble’s time tracking module, you can also run payroll. LightSpeed provides great POS software that increases managers’ satisfaction. The LightSpeed integration with Ximble is a walk in the park. You simply click “connect” in the App Center and presto! The data is uploaded into Ximble. The exchange of data can travel both ways. You can sync sales and time clock data from LightSpeed to Ximble or time clock information from Ximble to LightSpeed.

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Ximble strives to make your company better organized and stay on track with your company goals. Our software focuses on online employee scheduling and time tracking. The schedule is fully customizable so you can be assured that all your needs will be met. Employees can request shifts on their own as well as vacations and time off, and all these requests are then sent to the manager to wait for approval. Ximble also provides a secure chatting platform called ximbleChat, which ensures a steady communication flow amongst all managers and employees. Managers are also able to create socialized groups for certain members only to ensure personal or sensitive information stays secure. The time clocking module is the ideal tool to use for clocking in to work as the module takes a photo of the employee that is clocking in. This makes sure there is no buddy punching or time theft. You can also opt for QR and pin codes to make sure the right people are on the job.


LightSpeed is an online company that provides point of sale (POS) software for the retail and restaurant sector as well as for eCommerce. They are located in 101 countries and have over 45,000 happy customers. Through their POS software, you can handle day to day sales, inventory, customer management and more. They have a visual interface that makes the software user friendly and simple to learn. Lightspeed is always investing in R&D to improve and better their technology to make sure their clients are receiving the latest technology available in the market. They provide light speed support available 24/7 to make sure their clients are satisfied. Their software has many features, such as reporting and analytics, inventory management, multi-platform point of sale and accounting.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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