How Gusto compliments Ximble

Ximble’s intuitive design and refined software provides the perfect backbone for your business. Gusto provides an easy and simple way of doing your HR activities. Gusto’s integration with Ximble is straightforward and quick. All your employee data from Gusto can be imported into Ximble by just going to the App Center. And if you use Gusto for payroll activities, you can effortlessly connect it to our time tracking system. You can also connect employee profiles from Ximble with the ones from Gusto as well as export hours from Ximble to Gusto. With both of our companies working together and combining our features, we can offer a great support for your company to make sure you are not wasting time on tedious scheduling, time tracking and HR tasks instead of focusing on your business goals and potential growth.

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We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is user friendly and sophisticated software for online employee scheduling and time tracking. With Ximble, your employees are able to request time off as well as vacation time and even request to take shifts in the open schedule and swap shifts with other employees. Once these requests are submitted, managers have the ability to approve the request or reject it depending on their needs. The schedule can be tailored to your company needs and personal preferences such as the daily, weekly or monthly schedule view. Ximble also offers a time tracking solution to make tracking of your employees’ paid time instantaneous and straightforward. Employees are able to clock in from any location through our time clock and use the photoClock feature as well as use pin and QR codes to clock in, which eliminates the risk of time theft and buddy punching.


Gusto is an all-around HR company that provides software for payroll, health benefits, retirement plans, paid time off and modern human resources (HR). You can virtually manage the whole workforce’s HR activities through Gusto’s intuitive software. They allow effortless benefit implementation, flexible and automated payroll, access to all relevant employee information from one platform as well as easy time off tracking and compliance with all relevant regulations. With Gusto, you can have access to all your employees’ information and run HR activities from any location. They have over 40,000 clients and associate with many reputable companies to make sure your company gets the best service available in the market.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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