How FLON Solutions compliments Ximble

TeamPass is a mobile app product that gets everything in one place for your staff members. It also integrates with Ximble, so all the information your staff members might need can be found in the TeamPass app. Whether your staff needs to clock in or out via QR Code through Ximble’s Kiosk tablet app, or they just need to find some basic information, that’s all covered through TeamPass. Managing multiple logins or relevant information from different systems can be a hectic process, so you can easily centralize this through the TeamPass and Ximble integration.

Flon Solutions Integration

We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is cloud based software that helps businesses with employee scheduling and time tracking. Through the system, employees are able to request shifts in the open schedule as well as request time off and trade shifts with other employees. Ximble lets you manage your daily work tasks from the same platform even if your business has multiple branches or if you have offices in multiple locations. You can use our secure chatting platform, ximbleChat, to reach employees in real time as well and create a clear flow of communication. You can also streamline communication by creating specialized groups in the chat for specific employees only. Ximble provides a quick and clear overview of each employee’s unavailability and personal information. Furthermore, Ximble provides a time tracking solution through which employees can clock in and out seamlessly using a desktop or mobile device. Through the time tracking module, you will have an overview of your labor costs and will be able to run payroll in seconds.


FLON Solutions in an online company that provides dynamic digital passes and everything for digital wallets. FLON Solutions has innovative promotions and end to end solutions as well as performance analytics where you can receive detailed reports and track customer mobile engagement and there is nothing that needs to be installed additionally! Now you can have your credit cards, memberships, tickets, gift cards and coupons all in one place and accessible through your mobile phone. FLON Solutions has fun and interactive campaigns to improve their design and tailor it to your needs. You can always be up to speed with push notifications and smart alerts. With their digital wallet, they want to be user friendly and always on hand. They want you to get into your clients pocket, literally!

More Seamless Integrations

Super easy-to-use tool that provides the simplicity I need and the flexibility to adapt to changes and sizes of staffing. With our small team, there are actually a lot of features that I don’t use but I can see them being useful. Obviously someone who has had to manage a team of staff was involved in making this tool – it really includes everything you need – and online support is phenomenal.

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