How EPSON compliments Ximble

The integration between Ximble and Epson’s POS devices comes as a natural extension of our existing functionality. It allows the sales data to be pulled over in real time whenever a purchase is made through Epson’s POS terminal and displayed in Ximble. When looking at a big picture and how your business performs, it is extremely useful to see your income versus staffing costs in one place, compared through an easy to understand comparison chart. This allows you to better control your staffing costs, based on the sales information that is instantly available.


We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is online staff scheduling and time tracking software. It is intricate and can be tailored to fit your business needs. Ximble is fully customizable and has an intuitive and user friendly design. Managers can let their employees request shifts on their own and time off as well as vacations. With the manager’s approval, these requests will either be accepted or declined if the moment for the request is not right. Ximble also has a time tracking module that saves managers’ time on tracking employees’ paid hours. Employees can clock in and out using our time clock and also type in pin codes or scan QR to ensure that the right employee is clocking in. With Ximble’s time clock, you can also run payroll in seconds. Our company strives to make your work life easier by digitizing you daily work activities.


EPSON is a world-wide supplier and manufacturer of technology products. They supply a wide range of high quality products, such as printers and ink, projectors and displays, scanners, professional imaging, wearables, robotics and more. They manufacture point of sale (POS) devices which Ximble integrates with. EPSON provides revolutionary technology that can make running your business easy and efficient. They want to create a fun work environment though their products like their digital white board that can be used for video conferencing as well. EPSON works with many industries such as the education, financial, hospitality, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and others. They also work with reputable partners such as AMG and MERCEDES as well as Manchester United.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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