A seamless process from schedule to payroll.


Working together with BambooHR

Ximble’s intuitive scheduling engine, flexible time tracking solutions and easy-to-use mobile app make powerful additions to BambooHR. Staff scheduling takes seconds, and with facial recognition and geotagging technology, you can always trust your time tracking data. Integration is quick, and you can even choose to only share data for certain locations, departments, or positions. Ximble will receive employee data, including holidays and approved time off. Exporting approved timesheets to BambooHR takes just one click.

Connecting is easy

Connecting Ximble with BambooHR only takes a few clicks. Soon you’ll have streamlined employee management all the way from scheduling to payroll.

Maximize your current tools with Ximble


Flexible time tracking

Find the clocking in method that works best for you and your employees.


Location, location, location

Collect GPS clock-in data so you always know where your staff are.


Powerful payroll

We can track differential pay rates, shift multipliers, and weighted average overtime – nothing is too complex.


Easy compliance

Staying compliant with various overtime regulations in different jurisdictions can be tough – but we have you covered.


Actionable insights

Stay informed and in control of your business, with instant labor cost reports.


Support you can rely on

Our best-in-class support team are waiting to solve any possible issues.

Customer success stories


“The top reasons for choosing Ximble were cost, flexibility and integration. The fact that it integrates with both our HRIS and Payroll systems is a huge help.”

Kim Waldron – Director of HR, Collab Inc.

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“Scheduling and payroll is one of those necessary tasks that must be done, but is of low strategic importance to our social and business related goals. It shouldn’t take any more time or effort than absolutely necessary, and with Ximble, it doesn’t!”

Pierre-Jean Cobut – Founder, Spry Health

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“The interface is great. Easy-to-use scheduling, timecards, reports, and employee profiles. And it’s integrated with both our POS and payroll software.”

Doug Smith – Owner of Fast-Fix Denver

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“Ximble saves us so much time and offers superb accuracy in exactly how long employees are working – no more rounding up or down. It also gives employees more transparency in their pay.”

Becky O’Mara – Director of Operations, Bearings Bike Shop

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“Before we had Ximble, the main problem was that creating a schedule could take as long as three or four hours. Now, I don’t have to look through papers, forms or calendars. I can see all availabilities on one screen.”

Nicholas Nowlan – Area Team Leader at Menchie’s

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