How BambooHR compliments Ximble

Ximble supplies the ultimate solution to running your business swiftly and painlessly. With our various features, you can customize the schedule to fit your company needs. You can manage multiple locations and any amount of staff from the palm of your hand through our mobile apps or through your desktop. You can run payroll through our system and even notify your staff of changes in the schedule or newly assigned shifts through SMS and push notifications. The BambooHR integration is seamless and quick. You can sync all the employee data you have in BambooHR to Ximble automatically as well as the timesheet data from Ximble to BambooHR, and have the data update every 60 minutes. We provide a simple solution to make the employee scheduling and paid time tracking process easy and even fun and together, we provide the ultimate team to help you manage your entire employees’ work cycle online and in an instant.


We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is one of the leading companies for online staff scheduling and time tracking. Ximble has the simple remedy for managers’ headaches. With our sophisticated software, managers can handle day to day tasks from any location with ease. We provide digitized schedules where employees are allowed to request shifts and swap with other employees. They can also request time off and vacations, and all the manager has to do is click approve or decline for the certain request. You can also have access to Ximble through our mobile app, meaning you can run your business from anywhere at any time. Ximble can also run multiple locations or branches of your business so if your business is located in different countries, you can still handle everything from the same platform.


BambooHR is a reputable online company that provides software that allows you to have a clear overview of your small or medium business’s employee information in one place. BambooHR’s user friendly software provides smart reminders and accurate reporting. The information you put in can be controlled, sorted and analyzed instantaneously from any location, be it the office of from the comfort of your own home. Their software has many features, such as employee database and record, applicant tracking systems, time off tracking, HR reporting and more. BambooHR’s goal is to reduce the time you spend on spreadsheets and searching for data instead of focusing on doing great work. Through their mobile app, you can have access to all of that and take care of your activities on the go.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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