How ADP compliments Ximble

The ADP integration is swift and easy. Ximble provides the ultimate employee scheduler to simplify the scheduling aspect of a manager’s job regarding timesheets, schedules, vacation requests and time off requests, whilst ADP provides quick and simple payroll management and solutions to make your daily HR activities simple and efficient. Through Ximble, you can virtually manage your employees’ entire work cycle from the same platform as well as manage multiple branches in different locations. With the click of a button, you can export payroll data from Ximble and easily import it into ADP. To do the integration, you simply go to Settings and click on the Payroll section, and finally click the Export button along with your selected parameters and voila! The imported data will show up on your ADP account. With Ximble, you can take advantage of all the features both companies provide and make your business life less stressful and better organized. We pride ourselves in being one of the leading companies for employee scheduling and time tracking and we associate and partner with companies of the same caliber. The ADP integration with Ximble is simple and straightforward.

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Ximble is employee scheduler software that allows managers to handle daily schedules and employee time tables with ease. The schedule allows you to have an overview of their availability and time off requests. Through our system, your employees can request time off and vacations as well as request to swap shifts with other employees and also cover for each other. The software enables you to manage all your employees and business locations from one place. Ximble also offers ximbleChat, which ensures a steady and clear communication flow amongst all staff members and managers to make sure everyone is well informed. Ximble also provides a leading time tracking module that makes tracking employee paid time a breeze. Ximble’s time clock module decreases the tedious time managers take every day to draft time tables and spreadsheets.


ADP provides an abundance of solutions for all business sizes, such as payroll services and tax compliance as well as retirement and insurance plans and benefits administration. They are an all-around HR company that uses technology to simplify routine HR activities. ADP provides worldwide services for any enterprise and provides a simple solution for analyzing HR data, managing benefits, managing talent and paying employees. With ADP’s partnerships you can also focus on growing your franchises, discover new business opportunities as well as plan your retirement plan. They offer a wide variety of solutions to make sure you choose which one is the right one for you.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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