NimbleSchedule’s Highlights

NimbleSchedule is a work schedule builder based on the Microsoft Azure platform. By utilizing the latest technology and trends, our development team went an extra mile in securing the reliability and speed of our platform.

Whether you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari, all the functionalities and features are available to you. Often times companies do not pay much attention to cross-browser compatibility and focus just on one or two browsers. Our team went into the completely opposite direction by ensuring cross-browser compatibility with all the well-known browsers. By doing so, we covered not only employees with older computers but also users of diverse OS platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux.

employee scheduling, NimbleSchedule’s Highlights


In addition, NimbleSchedule is also available via smart phone apps. Currently, we are supporting Android and iPhone (iOS) systems. Employees can download our work schedule app at no additional charge and use them from home, office or on the road in order to access their schedule or pick up open shifts. Furthermore, if a company decides to allow its employees to clock in by using our smart phone apps, they will be able to use the time attendance feature through their phone as well. As a result, managers and administrators will get to see employees’ GPS stamps when they clocking-in, which is great because the company management will always know where their employees really are and what they are doing at any point.

Fully understanding and following the market needs, NimbleSchedule has enriched its employee time clock app with Phone call clock-in and SMS clock-in options, thus offering companies with employees having no computers the most efficient time attendance solution. Although these additional features come at a minor extra charge, they ensure amazing flexibility when it comes to the end-user / employee usage.

Due to a rise of interest in the time attendance/time clock module, we have also expanded our list of supported fingerprint scanners for employees’ clocking in/out. With the latest additions to our list of supported devices and methods, we significantly expanded our support for corporate event planning companies and all those niche industries with outdoor workers like construction companies. On top of this amazing functionality, we also provide the QR Code Card functionality that works with Android and iPad tablets. By using a QR Code Card, employees can now clock in by using a designated tablet clock post, where all they need to do is flash their QR Code in front of the tablet, click the button in the middle of the screen and they will be clocked in.

Owing to the fact that we have enabled the integration with a wide range of 3rd party systems, our users can integrate all those systems into one big and well oiled machine supporting their businesses. At this moment, we are supporting the integration with the companies like BambooHR, Zenpayroll, ADP, Quickbooks Online, Lightspeed, etc. Having our intuitive set of API methods at their disposal, other companies started integrating with our system as well. Systems like Trax Payroll or SimplePay have made sure that NimbleSchedule gets integrated with their payroll systems natively. Our development team continues to work on adding new partnering systems as an extension of our intuitive scheduling tool to the benefit of all our customers.

Our rapidly developing system can handle all sorts of employee requests and entries. Whether through one of our partnering systems that provides sales and HR services, or payroll systems that make running payroll reports super easy and intuitive, NimbleSchedule is the glue that bides all these systems in one place and provides an amazing interface where all the data come in and get processed.

Our feature-rich reporting system makes a clear distinction between us and our competitors, providing many different reports through which employee productivity or costing is now very easy to track. All those reports are available in real time and just one click of a mouse away when you are a NimbleSchedule customer.

We continue working on new functionalities and additions to our system to your benefit. Our goal is to empower you to easily control your company costs and schedules. The fast growing client base is telling us that we are doing it the right way. If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and send us your opinion.

Stay Nimble!

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Dan Ilic

Success Stories


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