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Supporting IT services across the industry

IT and internet services used to be a supporting role in the majority of businesses, generally speaking, but now it’s a driving force across all industries.

Over the years the industry has changed drastically and business models and operations have had to adapt to accommodate. Where a centralized workforce used to be king it’s increasingly common where it is more practical to have a decentralized workforce that is spread nationally or even across countries. While it may be more practical it can throw its own set of problems into the works.

The rapidly changing environment in the IT sector can make it difficult to keep up. Hiring, retaining and training staff can be tricky while trying to balance workloads, provide customer support and prevent staff burnout. Running an IT business can be a balancing act that leaves little time for anything else.

Ximble can help with that.

  • Expedite the employee scheduling and management process
  • Responsive and adaptive to your business and employee needs
  • Manage employee requests quickly and effectively
  • Keep employees informed and updated with ximbleChat
  • Handle employee requests in real time, on the go, in app.
  • Manage employees across locations with ease


Effortless scheduling anywhere, anytime

With the increase in decentralized workforces or employees spread across multiple sites, it can be difficult to manage teams effectively.

Ximble makes it easier by allowing managers to view availability at a glance and to view and schedule employees based on role, department or location and to have an overview of the schedule in the day, month or week formats.

When scheduling employees, Ximble automatically calculates the total working hours and staffing costs in real time, enabling you to stay within budget. The app makes scheduling quick and easy, it will even warn you of any conflicts preventing any costly or timely mistakes. What’s more is that scheduling can be done from anywhere, anytime with the app available for Android or IOS.

Workforces can fluctuate wildly, whether this is due to a high turnover or the arrival and departure of freelancers, employees can be quickly added, removed, enabled or disabled to make workforce management hassle free.


Open up a channel of communication that allows instant messaging and file sharing wherever you are with ximbleChat; our secure chat platform. Speed up workflow by keeping your workforce informed and minimize misunderstandings regardless of where they are in the world. Group chats can be created based on departments, roles, tasks, locations and manage your teams and receive updates while on the go.

IT Services middle
IT Services middle


Time tracking that works for you

Ximble’s time tracking feature allows you to accurately monitor your employees clocking in and out habits and the times it takes to complete activities, providing valuable employee and business insights. Using this data arms you with the ability to delegate time and resources where needed more effectively.

Your team can clock in and out using pin codes, QR codes, photoClocking, web browser or via the Ximble app available on Android, IOS and tablet, whatever your workforce needs we have it covered.

Employees can be assigned to locations for businesses with one or more physical work places and geo fences set up preventing off-site clocking in/out and time theft.

Using the time tracking data gathered, payroll reports can be generated in seconds while automatically calculating overtime payments and paid time off.

Simplifying and streamlining the employee time tracking and payroll processes cuts the valuable time being wasted on inefficiencies, supporting you and your employees to focus on managing clients, projects, growth and development.


Benefits of Ximble

  • Open up communications between staff
  • Streamline workflow preventing burnout
  • Manage staff on the go, from anywhere
  • Easily add and remove staff from scheduling and payroll
  • Responsive scheduling for your changing needs
  • Automate payroll
  • Intuitive design
  • Manage staff requests in app



After an extensive search, it was Ximble that ultimately met every one of our wish list requirements. No other company could provide a complete solution for our needs. Ximble is simply better than the competition.

Davor Grubisa - Regional Director - Touch Support, Inc.

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