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Hospitality Staff Management Software

The Optimal Hospitality Scheduling Software

In a fast paced environment, the most important thing is having a schedule that can keep up with the changes and make sure everyone is aware of their shifts and clock in times.

Benefits of Ximble hospitality scheduling software


How Ximble helps the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is an incredibly fast paced environment which can be stressful when having to create employee schedules, maintain the workforce and have adequate staffing while simultaneously having to provide the best customer service possible. In order to maintain your ever-changing seasonal staff, you need to have a good schedule to reduce conflicts and absenteeism. With our hospitality staff management software, your employees can trade shifts, cover for each other as well as request paid time-off and vacation. Managers, on the other hand, will have a clear display of each employee’s availability and information which will ease the process of assigning shifts and tasks.

How can our hospitality staff management software help your business?

  • Provide a clear overview of employee availability
  • Increase revenue by reducing administrative costs
  • Ensure adequate shift coverage
  • Allow multiple locations to be managed from one platform
  • Reduce absenteeism and late come ins
  • Improve communication flow and relationship between staff and managers
  • Scheduling on the go through our mobile apps
Benefits of Ximble hospitality scheduling software


Manage multiple locations

If you manage multiple locations or have a lot of employees to manage, then our hospitality scheduling software is for you. As the hospitality industry can sometimes be seasonal, you end up always hiring new members for your team. With our hospitality staff management software, you can add and drop any number of employees swiftly and painlessly. You can customize the view to show the schedule for the day, week or even have the calendar view of the whole month. Another way of adjusting your schedule is to sort it by employee, job role or department. These options allow you to have a clear overview of your employees’ schedules and time tables as well as check their availability. Our hospitality staff management software is flexible and created to help you better organize your staff from any location. If your hotel or service is located in different locations, rest assured that you can add limitless locations into Ximble. Whether they are on different continents or in the same city just in different streets, you can adjust the schedule according to all the locations no matter their number.


Staying informed and having good communication is vital in any line of work. Through ximbleChat, you and your employees can communicate in real time and even share files and documents through this secure chatting platform. As our hospitality scheduling software is customizable, you can also select which employees have access to certain information as well as create separate chat groups for certain staff only. Our ximbleChat facilitates a workforce communication flow and provides a quick and simple solution to misunderstandings employees may have.

Managing multiple locations via Ximble hospitality staff management software
Managing multiple locations via Ximble hospitality staff management software
Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Stay ahead of time with our time clock

Ximble also offers a time tracking module that can facilitate tracking of your employees’ working hours as well as clock in and clock out time. Ximble’s time tracking module can take a picture of the employee that is clocking in so now you can rest assured that buddy punching won’t present an issue anymore. Additionally, you can also have your employees use QR and pin codes for clocking in and out. These options make sure that the right employee is punching in for the designated job. Eliminating buddy punching is not the end of Ximble’s benefits; you can also select from which location your employees are allowed to clock in, this way you also eliminate the risk of time theft— when employees keep their paid time running while they aren’t at work. Through Ximble’s time clock you can also calculate payroll in seconds! The paid time is automatically calculated based on your staff’s clock in and out times. You can also calculate overtime with our time tracking module.  We want to make sure your employee scheduling and time tracking process is as easy and quick as possible so that you can allocate more time to expansion and business growth rather than spend hours creating spread sheets and hunting employees personally to let them know of shifts and daily plans.

Ximble mobile apps

We also have a free mobile work scheduling app, which means you can do everything from the palm of your hand! Manage requests, calculate payroll and overtime and view your employees’ profiles as well as schedule their shifts. We want to take the load off your back and make your work life easier. Now with just the click of a button you can manage and schedule your staff and have a clear overview of your staff’s working hours and availability from any location at any time.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Benefits of Our Hospitality Staff Management Software

Ximble helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Gives information access to all users from any location and device
  • Contact employees that are off shift in real time
  • Saves you the time to create new schedules every time a change is made
  • Provides easy and quick access to information on any device
  • Allows you to make any changes and edits with ease
  • Saves time and space on storage and logistics
  • Provides insight of employee availability and requests
  • Lets you focus on company goals and expansion

Callister Brewing

Callister Brewing

Super easy-to-use tool that provides the simplicity I need and the flexibility to adapt to changes and sizes of staffing. With our small team, there are actually a lot of features that I don’t use but I can see them being useful. Obviously someone who has had to manage a team of staff was involved in making this tool – it really includes everything you need – and online support is phenomenal.

Diana McKenzie - Callister Brewing

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