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Staff Scheduler for Clinics

Digitized Staff Scheduler for Medical and Healthcare Sector

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be equally informed and have easy access to the employee timetables and schedules without having to individually ask for it or be in the office? By being able to customize your Ximble schedule, you can take the stress off the employees and reduce late come-ins and misunderstandings that can be crucial in such an environment which involves human lives.

Creating a schedule with Ximble shift scheduler


How Ximble can help clinics

Time is of the essence in the healthcare industry. It is vital to have a clear communication flow and have immediate accessibility to available on call medical professionals as well as real time access to off duty staff if an emergency response is required. Ximble provides the ultimate staff scheduler to facilitate the staff scheduling and time tracking process. Our cloud based shift scheduler is flexible and customizable to fit your medical facility’s needs. Whether you run a private clinic, nursing home, laboratory or even a long-term care facility, Ximble is the right choice for you.

What can Ximble give to the healthcare industry?

  • Easy over time and time off tracking
  • Immediate access to the schedule and staff information and availability from any location
  • Real time communication between medical personnel and management
  • Simple way to comply with labor laws
  • Allow employees to see when their colleagues are on call
  • Provide real time updates to on and off call staff through SMS and push notifications
  • Manage multiple locations and an infinite number of staff from one platform
  • Set up the schedule overview by location, department or job role
Creating a schedule with Ximble shift scheduler


Adapt the schedule to your pace

The medical industry can be divided in many specialized sectors with different targets and different paces of environment such as the ones that lean more towards education and raising awareness, emergency oriented, military oriented, research oriented, hospital management or maintenance, medical products and equipment and others. Each of these sub sectors requires a specialized schedule they can use to optimize their workforce and stay on track with their tasks. Ximble’s intuitive design offers the options for customizing your schedule to fit the needs of any sector you require.

The availability of your staff will be displayed to you to spare you the time of asking and double checking with each individual whether they can fill in or not. The real time data put in the schedule will simplify the information flow and make sure your staff is notified and aware of any changes or important events. The ability to keep track of on-call staff, vacation, sick leave and personal time off requests is facilitated through our staff scheduler. With the fast paced environment that the medical industry is, having to add and drop employees from the schedule is no strange thing. With our rolling schedule you will be able to do so without compromising the entire schedule.


Staying connected is important when working in such a variable and fast-paced environment. By using ximbleChat, employees can stay in touch, receive notifications, upload files and images in real time and they can be informed of the locations and schedules of their colleagues.

Shift coverage request in Ximble staff scheduler
Shift coverage request in Ximble staff scheduler
Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Manage work time with ease

We are also aware that sometimes your staff is required to work in the field, outside of the main base of operations. Through our Ximble software, employees in the field and in the base can keep in touch and share information through our shift scheduler. Through any device, employees are able to clock in and clock out, swap shifts and view their colleagues’ schedules in order to best prepare and organize themselves and manage their time. No matter the sector, Ximble will do its best to adapt to your needs. You can even monitor attendance through our staff scheduler and mark from which location your staff is allowed to clock in from through geo-fencing!

Digitize to increase efficiency

We want to make sure you and your staff are using the latest version and best option for your clinic. Instead of filing paper documents by year and date, all of it will be stored safely on the cloud where it can be swiftly and easily accessed by all users. With personalized options, you can control which information is seen by all employees, which by only you, and which information can be seen by only a selected few of your choice. You can make sure that information is shared how you want and to whom you want.

We offer a paperless solution to simplify your day to day tasks. Digitizing, in a way, means keeping up with modern trends that are set to improve productivity, increase efficiency and optimize your workforce in the best way possible.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Benefits of Ximble

Ximble helps clinics of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Real time access to employee schedules and time tables
  • Fast and efficient way of making changes to the schedule
  • Customizable shift scheduler to fit your needs and preferences
  • Automates changes in the schedule
  • On line chat available to all users
  • Ability for staff to request swaps and changes in shift through the platform
  • Take care of payroll
  • Take in leave and vacation requests

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care

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