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Ximble scheduing software for healthcare sector convenience

medical staff scheduling software

Why choose Ximble for your clinic?

In the healthcare industry, precise schedules can be the difference between life and death. It’s crucial that staff are always informed of shifts and, if required, can easily request cover. Medical staff scheduling software allows you to create schedules that you can rely on, informs employees, and facilitates easy shift-swapping.

How can Ximble help companies in the healthcare industry?

  • Easy overtime and time-off tracking
  • Instant insights into staff availabilities
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Real time workforce communication
  • Send staff push notifications

What makes Ximble a great fit for medical industry

medical scheduling software program


Adapted for healthcare sector

Create more efficient schedules, optimized for the needs of hospital. Medical staff scheduling software helps you add or remove employee without having to start from scratch, and easily keep track of availabilities, schedule limits, and local labor laws. Ximble scheduling program lets notify staff on smartphones, by email, and even by SMS, as soon as schedules are ready.

More about scheduling

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Maintain staff coverage with medical scheduling software

Ximble ensures you always avoid last-minute scrambles for cover by simplifying the process by which staff can requests shift trades and pick up open shifts: all managers need to do is approve. Using healthcare scheduling software it becomes easy to track employees’ time off and sick days, so you’re never left short-staffed.

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Time clock

Create perfect timesheets

Track employees’ hours worked with Ximble software through a variety of flexible, reliable clocking in methods including in-office kiosk, desktop, and smartphone. Collect data you can trust thanks to facial recognition technology and geo-fences, so you always know that your hospital staff are in the right place at the right time.

More about time clocking

healthcare staff scheduling software

Digital Efficiency

Don’t get swamped by paper

In the healthcare industry, it’s essential to keep detailed records, and Ximble allows you to do this without the hassle of pen and paper. All staff clock-ins will automatically be stored, viewable by staff and relevant employees, maintaining compliance, and ready to quickly export for payroll when approved.

Benefits of using Ximble

Ximble helps companies of all sizes in the Healthacre sector be more productive.


“The top reasons for choosing Ximble were cost, flexibility and integration. The fact that it integrates with both our HRIS and Payroll systems is a huge help.”

Kim Waldron – Director of HR, Collab Inc.

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“Scheduling and payroll is one of those necessary tasks that must be done, but is of low strategic importance to our social and business related goals. It shouldn’t take any more time or effort than absolutely necessary, and with Ximble, it doesn’t!”

Pierre-Jean Cobut – Founder, Spry Health

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“The interface is great. Easy-to-use scheduling, timecards, reports, and employee profiles. And it’s integrated with both our POS and payroll software.”

Doug Smith – Owner of Fast-Fix Denver

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“Ximble saves us so much time and offers superb accuracy in exactly how long employees are working – no more rounding up or down. It also gives employees more transparency in their pay.”

Becky O’Mara – Director of Operations, Bearings Bike Shop

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“Before we had Ximble, the main problem was that creating a schedule could take as long as three or four hours. Now, I don’t have to look through papers, forms or calendars. I can see all availabilities on one screen.”

Nicholas Nowlan – Area Team Leader at Menchie’s

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