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What can Ximble do for your salon?

Running a salon in the hair industry can be a challenge. A good business plan and the right skills set can set you in the right direction but that’s not always enough. As a business owner you will be jumping between roles while balancing customer needs with employee needs. Finding time to focus on training and development, marketing or business growth can feel impossible. Good scheduling is vital for any salon to succeed. Scheduling effectively and efficiently will help to address you salons’ needs as well as freeing up time to focus on other tasks.

Ximble can deliver a flexible scheduling solution that matches the customers’ demands to your employees’ availability. Matching these two increases satisfaction and retention of both customers and employees. Most salons still use spreadsheets or even pen and paper to plan schedules. These methods are time consuming and inflexible to changes forcing managers to waste time scheduling or repeat previously made schedules that don’t always meet the stylists’ or salons’ needs. Ximble on the other hand, is a powerful, dynamic and responsive solution that can slash planning times and produce schedules that will keep you employees happy and your salon thriving. Employees can request time off, shift swaps or shift drops all within the app and receive notifications and schedule updates all in real-time, in the palm of their hand.

How can Ximble help your salon?

  • Allow managers to create the schedule on the go through their mobile device or via the website
  • Empower employees to request shifts, shift swaps or time off via the app
  • Have a clear view of employee availability at a glance
  • Employees receive automated notifications of scheduling updates, in app messages and request responses
  • Increase revenue by streamlining administrative duties
  • Improve communication flow and relationship between employees and managers using Ximblechat
  • Helping to ensure proper shift coverage and avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Reduce expenses on miscellaneous and administrative duties
  • Run payroll and track labor costs with just a couple of clicks
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Adaptive Scheduling

Managing a salon can require you to juggle multiple tasks and jump between roles frequently in order to keep your business running. With so much to do, wasting time isn’t an option. Yet many businesses still produce schedules using spreadsheets or pen and paper! These methods are inefficient, eat into time, and are prone to error.

Ximble provides a fast and efficient method of scheduling that’s accessible from anywhere. The scheduling platforms allows shifts to be assigned to individual stylists or left as an open shift which staff can view and claim. Viewing the day, week or month at a glance is simple and making amends is easy. Publishing a shift will alert employees the schedule is available via SMS, email or push notification. Through the mobile app, employees can apply for time off, shift swaps or shift drops. Using Ximble makes scheduling for a single or multiple locations simple through the user-friendly design.


Open up a better line of communications with your employees via ximbleChat, the in app secure chat platform that enables employees and management to communicate in real-time. Manage groups and individual conversations through the platform and share or receive files and documents to maximize communication flow, whether it’s in the salon or on the go.



Never Miss a Booking

Keeping track of employees and the hours they’ve worked is made effortless with the integrated time clock feature, providing an accurate, error free means to track your employees’ worked hours.

The time clock feature allows employees to clock in through the mobile app, tablet, QR codes or pin codes, whatever suits you salon. Geo-fences can also be set up so they can only clock in at a certain location, stopping employees clocking in while elsewhere and buddy-punching. Once clocked in, Ximble can provide a clear overview on the hours worked for each employee and also manages payroll reports and overtime.

Furthermore Ximble can be set up to provide employees with a reminder for upcoming shifts ensuring your employees are where need be at the right times, helping reduce tardiness and absenteeism in your salon.

Ximble apps

As a business owner or employee you can download the Ximble app for Android or IOS and have access to all of the benefits of Ximble anywhere you go.Managing your workforce from your device anywhere, anytime is quick and easy. Employees can clock in or out, view schedules and send messages and requests wherever they are, allowing for open communications and a more informed team of stylists.

Clocking in via the tablet app is simple. Using pin codes, QR codes or photoClocking creates a quick and accurate time keeping solution for your salon.


Benefits of Ximble

  • Track and schedule employee’s working hours on the move
  • Adapt the scheduling process to you Salons’ needs
  • Manage your stylists quickly and effectively
  • More time to focus on other duties
  • User friendly design
  • Provides responsive scheduling for your staff
  • Effectively manage multiple locations
  • Integrate with other popular systems

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Ximble is very useful when it comes to managing employee timesheets and the software is so easy to use! I especially love the jobs/activities option that allows me to add lunch and other scheduled breaks my staff needs to follow. The support chat is also very helpful!

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