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Scheduling & Time Tracking for
Government Sector

The Most Powerful Scheduling Software for Government Sector

Scheduling staff and keeping everyone equally informed can be a challenge when you have a large amount of staff to manage. Ximble lets you make swift changes in the schedule and notify essential personnel immediately. Ximble can be accessed from any location through Android, iPhone or desktop. Special requests, rotations, shift swaps, anything your company needs to improve efficiency, staff organization and employee effectiveness can be handled through Ximble.



How Ximble can be utilized in the government sector

The most important thing for any business to grow and operate smoothly is to be well organized. With Ximble’s intricate employee scheduling and time tracking software, you can take your business by the horns. Our software can serve your agency at any government level be it federal, state or local county and city services and departments. Government agencies need strong and reliable software that lets services such and police, solid waste, water, Department of Defense and Health, non-profits as well as others maintain great service levels while simultaneously reducing their expenses. Through Ximble, you can mark the allowed hours each employee is permitted to work per week to ensure compliance with the labor laws of your country or state.

How can Ximble benefit government agencies?

  • Expedite the employee scheduling process
  • Manage multiple office locations from one platform
  • Self-service scheduling where employees can request shifts from the schedule as well as time off
  • Contact your staff in real time through ximbleChat
  • Notify your employees of new shifts or schedule adjustments with automated SMS and push notifications
  • Have a clear display of employee availability and unavailability


Empower your employees with Ximble

You can let your staff send requests for the open shifts, that way you keep them empowered by letting them manage their own time. They can book shifts from any location and once they do, you receive a notification that lets you approve or disapprove their request. Your employees can also request time off, vacations and leaves through Ximble and then you also get the option to accept these requests or refuse. Another feature we offer is the ability to manage payrolls through our system as well overtime and paid time off. Payroll is calculated based on the clock in and clock out time of your staff. This way you get an overview of your employee overhead.


Being in touch with your employees can be challenging if you don’t share the same location. With Ximble you can chat through our secure platform, all in real time. Notify relevant staff of any changes or shifts in the schedule, important meetings or conferences. You can also share documents, images and files though our platform and make sure that all relevant personnel stays informed and has quick access to information on hand.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Track your employees' paid time in seconds

Our Ximble time clock lets your employees clock in from any location through either phone, tablet or desktop. You can also see from which location they clock in to make sure they don’t clock in from home just to keep the time running. You can also set parameters for the clock in location that way they can only go to the area you designated and clock in from there. Ximble’s time clock also offers the option for your employees to mark lunch breaks and beginnings of new projects, so you know how much time they spend on certain activities. Buddy punching can also present an issue if you have to manage larger amounts of staff or if they are in different locations. Ximble’s photoClock is the perfect solution for that. Every time an employee clocks in, a photo of them is taken to make sure the right person is clocking in and, if you prefer something more, we also have the option to add pin codes and QR.

24/7 live support

We offer a 24/7 support in case you need to ask a question or require any assistance. We also try to prepare for our clients’ future needs and our system is always evolving to facilitate your staff management and employee organization. We aim to keep your employees happy and increase productivity by reducing stress in the organizational environment. You can increase your productivity and cut down on administrative costs by staying organized with Ximble.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Ximble Benefits

Ximble helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Motivate and empower your employees
  • Notify relevant personnel through automated SMS and push notifications
  • Handle point of sale and payroll through our apps
  • Have a clear overview of all staff and employee costs
  • Shifting to Ximble has 0 switching costs
  • Schedule offices in different locations
  • Reduce time allocated to HR activities and scheduling
  • Have your employees availability and relevant information on hand

Open Home Foundation

Open Home Foundation

It’s (sort of) like falling in love all over again… Well I haven’t updated my FB relationship status, but Ximble has brought a breath of fresh air to my work. We initially thought we’d trial the software for a month alongside our archaic spreadsheets and cut and paste email rostering routine… it only took a week and we abandoned the old processes. Ximble was easy to set up, and our staff have taken to it very quickly. It’s a slick, cost effective product that I can honestly recommend.

Cam Porter - Social Worker - Open Home Foundation

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