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The Industries

Staff Management App for Non-Profits and Government Agencies

Do you manage a large staff across multiple locations? What if you could revolutionize the way you schedule and interact with your employees?

Ximble equips managers to handle overtime, absenteeism, scheduling requests and routine tasks with ease. Automate workforce rotations, shifts and schedule changes all from the palm of your hand.

Aurora Colorado

Located in the Denver area, this town is better serving the community with improved staff relations.

Habitat for Humanity

Building homes for the disadvantaged that’s loving their improved staff management.

Eden Prairie Minnesota

Located just outside Minneapolis, this small town is better serving its citizens with improved staff management software.

JCC Manhattan

Creates opportunities for people to connect, grow, and learn within an ever-changing Jewish landscape benefiting from a streamlined staff management app.

Responsible Gambling Council

A non-profit dedicated to preventing gambling problems is helping more people with more efficient workforce management.

South Shore Indiana

Sitting along the southern shores of Lake Michigan, this small town is better serving its citizens with an improved staff management app.

Sparta Wisconsin

Located in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin, this city is improving service to its citizens with efficient staff relations.

Beaufort County, SC

Doing more to develop their community with more efficient staff scheduling software.

Chandler, AZ

This Arizona town is better serving the community with improved staff scheduling.

Parker Colorado

Situated just outside of Denver, this city is optimizing its service with better staff relations.

Hope Alaska

Situated on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, this northern town is optimizing service to citizens with better staff relations.

Amala Foundation

Unites youth from all walks of life and empowers them to grow as individuals, and doing more good through efficient staff management.

Corbett Group Homes Inc

Private, non-profit organization providing services to children and families benefiting from enhanced staff management.

Prospector Theater

A non-profit theater that provides employment opportunities to disabled adults benefiting from a better schedule maker.

Mental Health Partners

A non-profit mental health center that is better serving the community with more efficient staff management.

Montgomery United Methodist Church

A local church that’s doing more good and focusing less on the time clock.