Facial Recognition Time Clock

Facial Recognition Time Clock

Ximble’s facial recognition time clock offers a smarter, more honest way for employees to clock in and out of shifts in an intuitive and natural manner. It’s simple to use while being able to deliver accurate time tracking data and increased accountability for each individual employees’ punctuality.

Ximble’s facial recognition enrolment

Clock in, Clock out. Easy.

Clocking in is made literally as fast and easy as 1, 2, 3. Enrolled employees can clock in and out in no time at all by a simple photograph. Ximble’s algorithm will speedily identify who it is and begin or end their shift accordingly. All your employees need to do is arrive at work for their shift.

Clock in and out via Ximble’s facial recognition time clock

Precise Timesheet Data

Ximble’s facial recognition time clock brings another layer of efficiency to your business operations while maintaining the high levels of data accuracy produced. Easily monitor employee attendance and their worked hours. Viewing labor costs as well as tracking breaks and the start and end times of particular activities are all available at a glance granting greater insight into your workplace’s operations.

Employees must bepresent

Easy Configuration and Enrolment

Setting up our facial recognition time clock takes a matter of moments. You can add or remove employees at the tap of a button, keeping your workforce easily manageable. Ximble associates your employee’s face with their profile creating a simple and seamless clocking procedure that’s easy for everyone to use!

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