Work Schedule Apps for Android and iPhone

Quick And Easy Shift Creation

Say goodbye to lost time spent on Excel and spreadsheets and say hello to the best work schedule app. With just a few clicks, you can schedule your employees from any location at any time. Creating schedules and assigning shifts has never been easier. Keep your team organized by leveraging the power of your mobile device.

Shift creation on Ximble’s work schedule app

Save Time With Time Tracking

With Ximble’s work scheduling apps, you can have a clear overview of labor costs and clock in and out times. Set locations from which employees are allowed to clock in from to avoid time theft. Monitor your labor costs and overall employee activities through your smart phone.

Time tracking via work schedule apps for Android and iPhone

Connect with Your Team in Real Time

ximbleChat lets you stay in touch with your team and allows you to streamline information. Contact employees directly or create group chats for specific teams! You can share files, images, documents and all relevant information to keep your team on track with projects and deadlines. No matter the location, you can reach any employee or contact any team in real time via Ximble’s work schedule apps.


Managing Requests

Instead of scrolling through a plethora of emails and receiving employees face to face, you can manage requests through your mobile phone. Employees submit requests for open shifts, time off, shift swaps, and all you need to do is click approve or decline! Manage requests on the way to work, or even from the comfort of your own home, and save up to 40% of your time with our work schedule app.

Clear Overview and Intuitive Design

You can have a clear overview of daily, weekly and monthly schedules on hand. Through your mobile phone, you can have an overview of employee availability, scheduled shift times and even clock in and out times! In Ximble’s work schedule apps, everything is customizable to fit your business’s needs.

Intuitive design of Ximle’s work scheduling apps

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