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User Friendly and Easy to Use Shift Scheduling Software for the Education sector

Increase productivity and workforce efficiency by reducing stress on faculty members and managers! The education sector is a fast paced environment that is always changing. New students every year, teachers, professors and instructors. Why not start a fresh school year with Ximble?



How Ximble can be useful to the Education Sector

Creating a steady and durable schedule in the education sector can be difficult due to the ever-changing student schedules, new semesters and courses. Ximble simplifies the process of employee scheduling and time tracking for services that work in the education industry such as campus security and the cafeteria staff. You are already on your phone all day, why not use it to make your professional life simpler? Ximble can help you save time on scheduling employees and tracking their paid time as well as create a better work-life balance.

What can our shift scheduling app offer the education sector?

  • Have a clear overview of all employee unavailability
  • Empower employees with our self-service shift scheduling software
  • Manage employee requests in seconds
  • Schedule employees working in different locations from the same platform
  • Increase the quality of the communication flow with ximbleChat
  • Have accurate employee paid time information
  • Receive SMS and push notifications to notify of newly assigned shifts and changes in the schedule
  • Manage your staff and professional life through your mobile phone


Shift scheduling done right

Ximble’s schedule is fully customizable so you can tailor it to your needs. Now faculty can manage daily, weekly and monthly schedules.  You can view everyone’s shifts, tasks, breaks, and locations through a calendar view or a schedule view. This ensures that all faculty members are aware of where they need to be and at what time. Utilize your staff effectively by deploying adequate employees to their designated shifts in order to spend more time focusing on students and lesson plans to provide the best education possible. Empower your educators by letting them self-schedule in the open schedule slots and swap shifts amongst themselves. Once they do that, all you have to do is click either approve or disapprove and that’s it! Faculty members can put in requests for time off, sick days and even notify if they will be coming in late. If you don’t have time to manually assign shifts, don’t worry, you can auto assign shifts to teachers and professors based on their skill set and availability.

SMS and push notifications

Through SMS, push notifications and emails, you can send notifications and alerts to teachers, lecturers and other faculty members about shift timings, terms, vacation periods, sudden changes in the schedule and certificate expiration dates. And if these notifications don’t seem like enough, you can use ximbleChat, which is our secure chatting platform. Through ximbleChat, you can contact employees directly, post on groups or send messages to all.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Effective staff time tracking

Ximble’s time clock is another feature you can have, which allows you to track time more efficiently. With this, employees can clock in and clock out through any mobile device or computer, that way you will know how much time they spend at work and if they fulfilled the required working hours. You can also keep track of overtime hours. Ximble’s time clock has many features such as photoClock. This feature makes sure there is no buddy punching as it takes a photo of the user once he clocks in, that way you know who clocked in and when. Another feature is to set the location from where your staff can clock in, that way they can’t clock in from home just to keep the paid time running. With our time clock, any amount of employees can clock in at the same time to make the start of their work day more efficient. We also offer the additional option of QR and pin codes.

Automatic Payroll

If you thought that was it, brace yourself because you can also manage payroll with Ximble. Ximble’s sophisticated software calculates your educational staff’s payroll based on their clock in and clock out time and can even calculate overtime. That way you can see how much each employee costs you.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Ximble Benefits

Ximble helps educational institutions to be more productive.

  • Access the schedule from anywhere
  • Manage faculty efficiently
  • Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Ensure quality education with appropriate teaching staff
  • Tailor Ximble to your needs and goals
  • Manage multiple educational institutions
  • See the availability of all employees
  • Schedule the whole year in advance
  • Notify everyone of any changes or events through push notifications and SMS

Santa Fe College

Industry: Education
Santa Fe College

“The software is powerful, well-priced, mostly intuitive, and easily accessible for employees. It is well-built, efficient, and looks modern. Ximble’s best feature is its customer service. Customer service is generally available within minutes via the in-browser chat function. Representatives are friendly, respectful, and happily assist with any problems.”

Jeremy Hall, Admissions Specialist

Educational Institutions who love love Ximble

Drexel University

A global university that’s doing valuable work with better staff relations.

California State University Channel Islands

An innovative university that’s reaching more students with better staff management.

Northwest Lineman College

A trade school that’s producing better workers and operating more smoothly with an improved schedule maker.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

A private college in Boston that’s focusing more on students and less on the schedule builder.

UC Davis Student Union

A top public university that’s loving their improved scheduling software.

Colonial Driving School

A driving school that’s optimizing instruction with smoother scheduling and staff relations.

Tulane University

A respected research university benefiting from optimized staff scheduling.

The Maker Mill

A community Makerspace and STEM enrichment center for kids, teens and adults that’s providing better services with improved staff relations.

The University of Queensland

One of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions is enjoying the benefits of streamlined employee scheduling.

University of Montana

A smaller university, located in western Montana that’s benefiting from improved staff relations.

Paul Mitchell Schools

A cosmetology and barbering school that’s reaping the benefits of improved staff scheduling software.


A math learning center that’s putting more time into educating kids and less on staff scheduling.


Works with universities to create online degree programs and enjoying the benefits of streamlined employee scheduling.

Education Unlimited

A residential summer program that’s thriving with better staff scheduling software.

University of Washington

The CQEL Center is enhancing the quality of early learning environments and operating more smoothly with an improved schedule maker.

Brooklyn Lab Charter School

A charter school that’s focusing more on giving students a strong academic foundation and less on staff scheduling.


A private university that’s focusing more on students and less on the time clock.

General Assembly

A global education company that’s focusing more on the relevant skills they teach and less on the time clock.

Purdue University

A prestigious university that’s doing valuable work with better staff relations.

The University of California

UC Berkley’s Student Union optimizes student life with smoother scheduling and staff relations.

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