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How Ximble supports dental practices

A successful dental practice isn’t based on chance; it’s based on careful planning, hard work and a high performing dental team.

Developing and managing a high performing team that can accommodate the needs of your patients outside of the operating chair is easier said than done. As a dentist with your own practice, you are more than a dentist; you are a business person, a manager and an accountant. Managing your time and finding a balance is a difficult task, that is why you need the right tools for the job.

Ximble provides a powerful and dynamic solution for your staff management duties by simplifying the process and reducing the time for tasks. Allowing you and your team for build your practice into a success and satisfying your patients.

What can Ximble do for your dental practice?

  • Easily schedule staff through location, department or job role
  • Instant access to employee information and availability anywhere, anytime
  • Run payroll and track labor costs
  • Scheduling and workflow can be tailored to your practice
  • Accurately track employee working hours
  • Open up instant communications between employees and management with ximbleChat
  • Provide real time updates amongst employees with SMS or push notifications
  • Manage multiple practices with a click of a button


Scheduling that works for your practice

Anyone working in, or running a dental practice knows that it requires more than just a good dentist to make a good practice. It requires a team that has a unified focus on the patient’s wellbeing. A small team can consist of the doctor, hygienists and office staff and can easily expand far beyond that, especially with multiple practices. Scheduling can take up large amounts of your time, especially when trying to balance the employees’ and business’ needs. This can detract attention from patients and other business priorities that demand your time causing your productivity to plummet.

Ximble helps to create an efficient practice with a flexible and dynamic scheduling system that coordinates staff effectively while preventing scheduling conflicts. Viewing and arranging shifts can be done by job role, department or location making management and planning easier, regardless of the amounts of employees. Schedules can be viewed in days, weeks or months to gain an overview of who is working where. Once a schedule is published employees can be notified via SMS, push notifications or email and reminders can be set up to alert employees of upcoming shifts. Furthermore, scheduling can be made more responsive by empowering employees to arrange shifts swaps, pick up shifts and request time off all through the app. Once confirmed by management Ximble will automatically update the schedules and staff availability. By increasing employee accountability and allowing shifts to be traded amongst colleagues, disruption in working operations is minimized and employees maintain a higher level of moral.


XimbleChat opens communication between staff and management and facilitates real-time messaging and file sharing. Managing one or multiple practices requires excellent channels of communication, staying informed enables faster response times and solutions to arising problems.

Dental middle
Dental middle


Time tracking made effortless

Monitoring time and attendance can become tricky when focusing on multiple workloads or with employees working across practices. Inaccurate timesheets and limited time can lead to miscalculations and payment errors. That’s why our cloud based time tracking system can simplify and automate the procedure while saving money in the process.

The clocking in and out procedure can be configured to suit your situation, using a tablet or computer situated in the workplace or even employees phones can be used to clock in quickly and efficiently.

Clocking in can be done through the Ximble app via tablet, IOS or Android, with the options of staff requiring to clock in using a pin code, QR code, photoclocking or even using geo-fencing to ensure they are clocking in on site.

Monitoring employees’ working hours in real time also allows management to view up to date staffing costs at a glance, or in detail, to gain better insights to the business’s cash flow.

Payroll Management

Using the employee’s data and the time tracking logs, Ximble will seamlessly calculate your practices payroll at a click of a button relieving responsibilities and stresses. The software even manages overtime calculations and paid time off further cutting down administrative costs and time.


Benefits of Ximble

Ximble boosts productivity and simplifies workflow in dental practices.

  • Tailor the scheduling process to your practices needs
  • Ensure optimum coverage quickly and effectively
  • Create more time with less stress
  • Take care of payroll
  • Integrate with other popular systems
  • Instant communications between employees and locations
  • Intuitive design
  • Responsive scheduling

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care

“I was extremely satisfied with my customer support experience. It was quick, easy and down to the point. I didn’t even need to pick up the phone and call, I simply started a chat right from my nimble account.”

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