Demand Forecasting

Automated Scheduling

Staff scheduling can be hard work, but not for AI. It takes one click to produce an optimized schedule, one click to allocate staff, and one click to inform all employees of their new shifts. With schedules accessible from anywhere via mobile app or web browser, staff will always be informed and on time, at the right time.

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Data Driven Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of scheduling by integrating relevant historical data like foot traffic and sales records. Create perfect schedules for optimal staff coverage every hour, every day, in every location. Predict and regulate overtime costs while avoiding over- or under- staffing, so you won’t waste the company dime, or employee time.

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Intelligent, Customized and Compliant

Keeping everybody happy might seem impossible, but the power of AI makes it easy. Our dynamic algorithms take into account company policy, local labor law, employee preferences, and any additional business requirements you choose. This creates schedules that foster not only compliance, but increased business productivity and employee satisfaction.


Raise the Bottom Line

More efficient scheduling creates a more profitable business, increasing productivity while reducing labor cost, while improving organizational and financial performance. Demand forecasting helps assess at a glance whether a business’s needs are being met, encourages more strategic hiring decisions, and increases responsiveness to consumer demand.

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