Demand Forecasting

Automated Scheduling

Generate optimum schedules with a single click and let AI do all the hard work for you, saving time, effort and money by eliminating bottlenecks and errors in the process. Employees have ease of access to schedules from anywhere via the mobile app or web browser to keep them informed and on time.

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Data Driven Forecasting

Use historical data (such as sales, foot traffic, tickets, seasonality) to take the guesswork out of scheduling and consistently produce high quality schedules. Accurately allocate the right staff where they’re needed and when for ideal coverage, fairly predicting and regulating the cost of essential overtime and removing the need for unnecessary overtime and staff shortages.

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Intelligent, Custom and Compliant

Dictate the rules and preferences for optimized schedules that are agile enough to meet the business’s fluctuating needs while remaining compliant with local regulatory standards. Use the powerful and dynamic algorithms to deliver a service that exceeds your customers’ expectations and keeps your employees happy and productive in the most efficient manner possible.


Raise the Bottom Line

Increase the profitability of the business by reducing operational costs and scheduling inefficiencies with real time adjustments made for each individual role. Demand forecasting helps identify opportunities for greater productivity, strategic hiring and assessing if the business’s needs are being met at a glance. Organizational and financial performance will be improved assisting in the overall profitability of the business.

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