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Tracking precise clock in times of large amounts of staff can be difficult, especially when managing staff in multiple locations.
With Ximble, scheduling remote staff and tracking work hours has never been easier!



How Ximble can help
construction companies

Running a construction agency can be very dynamic. You need to be able to manage workers that are dispersed across various sites. Keeping track of your workforce’s clock in times is also difficult as not all the workers start from the same location or at the same time, and you may not always be on site to supervise. Furthermore, communication is crucial and presents a challenge for large teams. Conflicts among workers occur whereas tardiness of employees may cause delays in project completion and loss of clients and tenders. With Ximble’s intuitive online software, you can manage multiple locations with ease no matter the size of your company or the number of employees you need to schedule. Ximble allows you to stay on top of projects through accurate reporting, easy accessibility and clear communication flow.

How can Ximble help your construction agency?

  • Automated notification system to keep your team up to speed at all times
  • Multiple device accessibility to provide on hand information
  • Real time communication to eliminate misunderstandings and staff conflicts
  • Accurate reporting for clock in and out times of each employee
  • Self-service scheduling system that empowers your workforce
  • Fast schedule creation and customizability
  • Help you avoid buddy punching with photoClock, QR and pin codes


Optimize your workforce
management methods

Ximble’s intricate software gives you the ability to tailor the system to your needs. You can create schedules and have a daily, weekly and monthly view. You also have the ability to create shifts from any location using your mobile device. The employee scheduling process can be determined by the supervisor delegating the shifts or through a self-service system where employees can request shifts themselves in the open schedule. The self-service method empowers your employees and gives them more control over their professional life as well as avoids scheduling conflicts. Since Ximble comes with free Android and iPhone applications, all your employees can have on hand access to the schedule at all times. Moreover, you can use ximbleChat to improve your team’s communication and eliminate miscommunication in the workplace. In ximbleChat you can create specialized groups for caulking workers, electricians, plumbers or supervisors only. These specialized groups allow you to share information that is only relevant to those particular departments. Managing employees that work in multiple locations is also simplified as you can do so through the same platform.

Automated SMS and push notifications

Once you schedule an employee or make changes to the schedule, your employees will receive automated notifications to their devices alerting them of the newly assigned shifts. This ensures all your staff is informed and up to date with their assigned shift timings and reduces the chance of them coming in late or not showing up at all. These shift reminders serve to put your mind at ease knowing all your employees are aware of your instructions.



Manage time and attendance like a boss

When it comes to construction, your workers can be dispersed across various sites and working on different projects. With our time clock module, you can have an overview of accurate clock in and out times of your entire workforce. Your employees will have the ability to clock in using their mobile devices in order to speed up the arrival process. With photoClock, you can eliminate the risk of buddy punching as once an employee clocks in, the system takes a photo of the employee that is clocking in. Along with the photoClock option, Ximble also offers the option of personalized QR and pin codes. Furthermore, with geo-fencing you can select from which location your workers are allowed to clock in. Geo-fencing prevents your employees from clocking in and out from unauthorized locations to keep their time running. The accurate worked hours report facilitates running payroll. Now the payroll process that once used to be a timely activity can be done in minutes.

Ximble mobile applications

To make things easier for you, Ximble offers free mobile apps through which you can virtually manage your entire workforce and monitor labor costs. Through the phone applications, you can create schedules, monitor employee activity during work hours, receive requests for shifts and vacations as well as view clock in and out timings for each employee. Moreover, you can contact employees in real time and communicate with them through Ximble’s secure chatting platform.


Benefits of using Ximble

  • Contact your workers in real time
  • Access employee information instantaneously
  • Run payroll with ease
  • Save on labor expenses by eliminating tardiness and absenteeism
  • Keep your staff informed of schedule changes and assigned shifts
  • Reduce time it takes to create staff schedule
  • Speed up the clock in and out process
  • Stay on track with projects to avoid missing deadlines

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“Ximble has made scheduling my team a lot easier on everyone. I am working to train other departments too because I am sure it will help them.”

Pete A. - Chicago, IL

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