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How can Ximble help your
café, bar or pub & grill?

Scheduling employees in a fast paced workplace like a café or bar can be frustrating. The staff is mostly part time, works a second job or even goes to school during the day. Scheduling your staff varies from day, to request, to prime time when the customers start flowing in. The most difficult task is keeping track of each employee’s availability and making sure they come in on time. It’s been known that tardiness and even no shows are common in such lines of work. For these situations Ximble provides the ultimate solution. With Ximble’s intricate time and attendance software, you can have an accurate overview of your employees’ availability as well as know their precise clock in and out times. Ximble also has mobile applications that allow you to create schedules and review timesheets from anywhere. Now you can stay ahead of schedule and focus on the services you provide to ensure customer satisfaction.

How can Ximble simplify your workforce management process for your pub & grill, café and bar?

  • On hand employee availability
  • Accurate time and attendance tracking
  • Self-service scheduling system
  • Customizable software
  • Multiple locations scheduler
  • SMS and push notifications
  • Real time communication
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Empower your employees

Ximble’s staff scheduler allows your employees to request shifts in the open schedule. This eliminates conflict among employees as well as saves you time on scrolling through email requests or receiving face to face visits. If you manage coffee shops, franchises or bars in multiple locations, scheduling your employees will be quick and easy as you can do it from the same platform. Communication is vital when working with variable staff, especially for prime time during lunch breaks or happy hour. In order to avoid misunderstandings, you can use ximbleChat to send messages in real time as well as documents, images and files. Moreover, you can funnel communication by creating specialized channels for waiters or hostesses only. This way you ensure the appropriate staff is aware of activities or tasks related to their position.

SMS and push notifications

With SMS and push notifications you can virtually eliminate late come-ins and no-shows. Once you create the schedule, your employees receive automated notifications to their mobile devices. This ensures all your staff is adequately informed of their newly assigned shifts and relevant changes in the schedule. Use the extensive usage of mobile phones to your advantage and keep your employees informed in order to ensure adequate shift coverage.



Time and attendance tracking

Ximble’s time tracking software provides you with accurate clock in and out times of your staff. With this time tracking module, you can have an overview of your labor costs as well as an insight on activities your employees partake in during work hours. They have the ability to mark break times as well as special projects or activities they partake in during their worked hours. With the photoClock option, the software takes a picture of the user that is clocking in. This process serves to eliminate the risk of buddy punching. The photoClock option also comes with the QR and pin codes feature. These options allow you to rest at ease knowing the employees you assigned are covering their respected shifts. Ximble’s time tracking module provides you with an overview of all your employees’ precise clock in and out times. With accurate timings the ability to track your labor expense is simplified and running payroll is quick and easy.

Payroll in minutes

As the software provides you with the accurate worked hours each employee has completed, calculating wages and salary has never been easier. Once you approve the hours your employees have worked, the software allows you to run payroll in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the customizable software allows you to calculate paid overtime as well. Now you can save time on something that used to be timely and tedious and invest your time in franchising and business growth.


Benefits of using Ximble

  • Mobile app access
  • Reduces tardiness and no-shows by 40%
  • Saves time of payroll and employee scheduling process
  • On hand access to schedules and timesheets
  • Automated notification system
  • Empowers employees with self-service system
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Ability to tailor software to your bar’s needs

Callister Brewing

Industry: Cafés
Callister Brewing

Super easy-to-use tool that provides the simplicity I need and the flexibility to adapt to changes and sizes of staffing. With our small team, there are actually a lot of features that I don’t use but I can see them being useful. Obviously someone who has had to manage a team of staff was involved in making this tool – it really includes everything you need – and online support is phenomenal.

Diana McKenzie - Callister Brewing

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