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Restaurant Roster and Time Clock Software

There’s so much on your plate when you’re running a busy restaurant or café. When you’re offsite and a big booking comes in, the last thing you need is the hassle of chasing down staff for shifts. That’s when Ximble can save the night.

Ximble helps you with powerful rostering and time clocking tools for unlimited employees at unlimited locations, in the palm of your hand. Take care of holiday leave requests, check up on time tracking and let staff do their own shift swaps - all from a desktop or mobile device – Ximble can do it all!

Holy Cow!

A fast, casual burger joint enjoying the benefits of streamlined employee scheduling.

Moveable Feast

Bringing quality street food to your neighborhood, and focusing more on the customer with better employee scheduling.

Denver Beer

A small batch, craft brewery that’s loving the improved staff management.


The iconic coffee chain is brewing more coffee and worrying less about staff management.

Baskin Robbins

The world’s largest ice cream specialty shop now has more time to dish up deserts with better staff scheduling.

Jones Bar Group

A restaurant group that’s growing quickly with an improved schedule maker.


Crafting healthy meals to go with more efficient staff management and scheduling software.


Delivering more chef curated recipes with the aid of improved employee relations.


Bringing great seasonal foods to customers more quickly with improved staff relations.

Food Now

A restaurant delivery service that’s putting food on customer’s plates more quickly with better employee scheduling software.

The Fifty/50 Group

Upscale sports bar and comfort food restaurant that’s focusing more on customers and less on the time clock.


Liba, A Bay Area Fallafel shop and food truck, is serving more customers thanks to improved staff scheduling software.

Bo Brooks

A restaurant and caterer that’s benefiting from streamlined employee scheduling.

Ben & Jerry`s

This ice cream innovator now has more time to craft new frozen ideas with optimized staff management.

Red Rooster

Australia's favorite roast chicken restaurant chain is loving its powerful schedule builder.

Amo Gelato

Home to an assortment of hand crafted gelato and sorbet made better by simple workforce management.

Marley Spoon

Delivering seasonal ingredients and delicious recipes from Martha Stewart with the aid of improved employee relations.


Raising the bar for Mexican food in London and focusing on the customer, not the time clock.

Burrito Brothers

Serving up Mexican-style food in Switzerland, and crafting a better experience with improved staff management.

La Fontaine Bleue

Focusing more on special event planning and catering and less on staff scheduling.

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