Our Story

It all started in the Fall of 2011 with a simple statement: There has to be a better way!

Watching his sister-in-law struggle to remotely coordinate shift changes with her boss, Peter Swaniker decided not only to build a better scheduling platform – but a better way for any workforce to interact, optimize and function. As fate would have it, NimbleSchedule was born.

In 2016, as we continued to grow and evolve, we became Ximble. We will never forget how we started and where we came from. Ximble has that origin coded in its name forever.

Our Product

We believe great software is not about the code alone. It represents the soul of the company that produces it. Believing that great products raise people’s living standards and spread happiness, we bring technology to the world by building robust, collaborative and multi-language workforce management software.

Our People

Knowledge, creativity, work ethic and passion are not unique to one geography, or one society.
We gather exceptional talent from all over the world with various backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, and we all share one common dream: change things for the better and leave a mark on the world.

Our Customers

We realize that our company exists because of our customers.
You, the customer, deserve our highest ethical standards professionally and personally.

Global Workforce Management

Our Competitors

We don’t have competitors. We think of other companies we come across in our business as both, the role models and collaborators whom we learn from, or influence.
We share a common passion for workforce management software and for the world we live in. Without them, there would likely not be a need for our products. They make us better and stronger.

Our Stakeholders

We are fortunate to attract great investors who not only share their money but also support, advice and wisdom.
We consider them our family.

Our Destiny

We are dreamers who always reach for the most ambitious goals.
We are enthusiasts who love what we do. Most importantly, we NEVER SETTLE.