Easy Scheduling & Precise Time Tracking with the schedule maker that saves 40% of your time.

Trouble-Free Schedule Maker

Managing your employees can be very time-consuming. Vacations, sick leaves, project assignments, labor costs – there’s a lot to handle. Most businesses spend too much time on these activities. Ximble is a schedule maker that saves you time, money and energy.

Ximble increases productivity by helping you:

  • Manage employee requests and shifts with a clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Plan in advance with auto-scheduling
  • See employee availability and manage assignments
  • Communicate faster and more effectively via ximbleChat™
“We’ve saved lots of time and money on scheduling our employees more efficiently with Ximble.”

Angie L. - New York, NY

Time Tracking Made Easy

Forget about confusing Excel tables and unreliable timesheet data. With Ximble schedule maker, you can review your staff activity at a glance, improve productivity and reduce non-attendance by 70%!

Enjoy these powerful time-clocking features:

  • Monitor staff attendance and punctuality through clock-in and clock-out logs
  • Enter and download payroll sheets with just a few clicks
  • Track time via web app, Ximble Kiosk for tablet or iPhone/Android devices
  • Restrict geo-fence locations and enable photo taking
“I have found Ximble to be extremely effective for increasing efficiency. A big plus is its detailed reporting and ability to easily schedule people across departments and locations.”

Sheila L. - Seattle, WA

Schedule and time track fromanywhere

Integrate Ximble schedule maker with the tools you’re already using.

Ximble schedule maker integrates with tools that your business is already using. We integrate with HR, payroll and POS applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto and more to provide clients with complete business solutions.

Manage your employee scheduling, time tracking, reporting and accurate payroll processing from one place with Ximble.

“Ximble has made scheduling my team a lot easier on everyone. I am working to train other departments too because I am sure it will help them.”

Pete A. - Chicago, IL

For all Business Sizes and Industries

No matter what you do. No matter how many staff you have. No matter how many locations you manage. We have you covered.

Trusted by thousands of great businesses

Take your business to the next level with our leading scheduling software. We have what you need: High standard, good quality and the proof for it.

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